I placed an order, and when I clicked submit the total was just over 200$. When I got the confirmation email (which did not come right away!) The total was over 450$!

I called right away asking them to cancel the order, they refused and said they couldn't even though it was only 10 minutes after.

I asked to speak to a manager and every cs person i spoke to first said the manager was not there, and then said they were the manager. Which is an obvious lie.

The only option they gave me was to wait for the items and then go and return the items for a refund, the reason I order online is because I do not have time to go to the store.

After having no help I finally posted on there Facebook explaining my displeasure at the terrible customer service i had received.

They responded and said a manager would email me shortly. No one ever contacted me.

I left another message and they ignored it.

I've never had such bad service online or otherwise.

Buyers beware.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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