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At the Toronto Eaton Centre location, i wanted to refund an item and puchase another item. The cashier processed it as an exchange instead.

Unfortunately i did not catch this until i had gone home. When i went back to the store manager to explain and request that the process be reversed so it could be processed as a refund instead, she refused and told me i was at fault for not noticing sooner. She called a customer services agent and had me speak with them for over 45 minutes. I am not an employee of the store and am not familiar with its processes.

I feel the cashier should have listened when i requested a refund instead of making it an exchange. The manager did not help me at all and laid the blame on me as did the customer service agent. As a result of this, I will no longer be shopping at Dynamite, Garage or any of the other affiliated establishments. I will definitely voice my dissatisfaction with their manager's lack of assistance, inability to present a compromise or solution that would suit both parties, and lack of desire to retain a customer.

I have shopped at Dynamite and the affiliated stores for multiple years but moving forward, i will only be shopping at customer friendly stores. I left the store extremely upset that the manager was not willing to help me at all.

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If you were in the situation it would be different nikalseyn...grow up


Why is it so hard for you to accept responsibility for this?? You were either high on something or half asleep when she did the transaction, or you would have looked at the paperwork and said something.

You didn't.

You snooze, you lose. Get over it.

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